Digital indicator - F331 (Unipulse Vietnam)

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Compact DIN 96 x 48 mm Size Digital Indicator, setting and controlling by PC: F331  
Maker: Unipulse- Japan

Download: F331 force indicator.pdf
* Convenient DIN 96 x 48 mm size that can be easily mounted on control panel
* Standard built-in USB interface 
* Special PC application software
* High-speed digital processing capability of 300 times/sec
* Equivalent input calibration function

Example of use

Suitable for production line quality control such as pressure load of press or swage machine, pass or fail judgment of the automated machines and testing machines.




Sensor excitation voltageDC2.5V±10% Output current within 30mA・・・・・Standard specification
5V spec. (Please specify when ordering.)
(DC5V±10% Output current within 30mA)
Signal input range-3.0~+3.0mV/V
Equivalent input calibration range+0.5~+3.0mV/V
Equivalent input calibration errorWithin 0.1%FS(at 0.5mV/V input)
  • Non-linearity :
  • Within 0.02%/FS(at 3mV/V input)
  • Zero drift :
  • Within 0.5μV/℃ RTI
  • Gain drift :
  • Within 0.01%/℃
A/D converter
  • Rate :
  • 300 times /sec.
  • Resolution :
  • 24 bits (binary)
Hold functionSample, Peak, Bottom, P-P
DisplayCharacter height 14.2mm Numerical display (4-digits), by 7-segment red LED
Indicated valueNumeric 4-digits -9999 to 9999 (Minus is a most significant digit. It display at the status lamp.)
Decimal pointThe display position is selectable.(8.888、88.88、888.8、8888)
Display itemsStatus display
3φ red LED ×2(MINUS、HOLD)
3φ green LED ×1(OK)
Display frequency5, 10, 20 times/sec. selectable
Setting methodSetting by specific PC software with USB interface.
Preservation of dataStored in nonvolatile RAM (NOVRAM)
Key switchZERO
Setting itemsCalibration: Zero calibration/ Span calibration (actual load calibration,equivalent input calibration)
HH limit, HI limit, LO limit, LL limit, Hysteresis, Digital offset, Near zero, Comparison timing, Moving average filter, Digital low-pass filter*, Hold mode, ZERO key valid/invalid, Display frequency, Decimal place, External output selection, Indicator ID, Loadcell ID, BCD output mode, BCD data update rate, BCD output selection, D/A output mode, D/A zero scale, D/A full scale, RS-485 communication mode, RS-485 I/F setting, RS-485 ID, RS-485 transmission delay time, RS-232C communication mode, RS-232C I/F setting, Setting value LOCK (485/232), Calibration value LOCK (485/232)
※3, 6, 12Hz selectable
 Comparison output (2 points), Hold/judgment signal input, Digital zero signal input
 USB interface
BCD parallel data output interface (sink type)(Option)
D/A converter (current output)(Option)
RS-485 communication interface (Select from Modbus-RTU and original format)(Option)
RS-232C communication interface(Option)
Power voltageDC24V(±15%)
Power consumption6W max
Inrush current0.7A、18msec:DC24V average load condition
(cold start at room temperature)
Operation conditionsOperation temperature:-10~+40℃ Storage temperature-40~+80℃
Humidity:85%RH or less(non-condensing)
Dimensions96(W)×48(H)×132.5(D)(mm) (not including protrusions)
Panel cut-out dimension92×45(+1-0) (mm)

・Quick manual 1
・BCD output connector(When BCD output option is selected) 1
・Short bar(When RS-485 option is selected) 1



BCOBCD parallel data output interface (sink type)
DAID/A converter (current output)
485RS-485 communication interface (Select from Modbus-RTU and original format)
232RS-232C communication interface

Optional accessories

CN51BCD output connector
TSU03DC lighting surge unit