Warranty and replacement policies

Our warranty policy applies to genuine products delivered by TEMAS Engineering JSC.
Please keep the warranty sheet, purchase invoices and ensure the products within our warranty stamped when requesting warranty. Temas staff will directly inspect and guide the process of product warranty for customer.
- We are committed to replace the new one if the product you receive can not be used due to technical fault of the manufacturer.
- Products are covered under the following conditions:

1. The product is still valid within the warranty period and is registered for warranty.
2. Product is damaged due to technical fault of the manufacturer.
3. Warranty sheet must be presented upon request for free warranty. In case of necessity, customers need to present the purchase invoice.
4. Machine serial number, model number on the product must match the serial number of the machine and type on the warranty sheet. The serial number on the product must be intact, not shaved, patchy, or overlaid with any other object.
6. Trong thời hạn bảo hành, khi sản phẩm có trục trặc hay sự cố, khách hàng vui lòng liên lạc chúng tôi để được xử lý.
5. The warranty sheet must be intact and must clearly state the customer's name and date of purchase, no patchwork, no erasure.
6. During the warranty period, if the product has any problem or malfunction, please contact us to be processed.

1. The product has expired warranty.
2. There is no warranty sheet or document related to the product.
3. Machine serial number, model number on the product does not match with information on the warranty sheet.
4. The product is damaged by natural disasters, floods, lightning strikes, fires or transportation caused by cracks, mists, tanks, scratches.
5. Products damaged by improper use according to instructions, due to improper installation, due to incorrect power source, unstable voltage or frequency.
6. The product is rusted, corroded, or poured into liquid
7. Products showing signs of dismantling, repairing replacement of non-genuine components
The warranty period will be applied according to the manufacturer's standard from the time of delivery to the buyer. Normally, our products are warranted for 12 months.