Bộ giám sát độ rung động-V100 (Unipulse Việt Nam)

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Bộ giám sát độ rung động: V100
Nhà sản xuất: Unipulse - Nhật Bản.

Tài liệu tham khảo: V100 vibration monitor.pdf
Thiết bị đo, phán đoán và ghi lại sự rung động
* Chế độ xác định rung động( Chế độ giá trị Vibration, chế độ Envelope, chế độ giá trị Peak ,chế độ giá trị RMS (root mean square), chế độ hệ số Crest, Chế độ hệ số Form)
* Kế quả đo được so sánh với giá trị giới hạn trên/dưới cài đặt, và xuất tín hiệu phán đoán được thực hiện.(HH・HI・OK・LO・LL)
* Chức năng chuẩn đoán tần số sóng tín hiệu đầu vào nhờ FFT
* Lưu dữ liệu trên thể nhớ SD (các kết quả đo, các dạng sóng, chụp màn hình hiển thị FFT )
* Các kết quả đo và dữ liệu đồ họa có thể lưu trong bộ nhớ trong của thiết bị.



Sensor excitation+5V±10% Output current: Within 30mA
Signal input range±150mV (Up to 3G can be measured when UNA02 is used.)
Analog filterFirst-order low-pass filter Cut-off frequency:30/ 100/ 1k Hz
A/D conversionSpeed :2000 times/sec
Resolution:24 bits (binary) 1/10000 (at 150mV input)
Voltage outputWhen the input is 50mV, the output is approximately 1V. Load resistance 2kΩ or more
Vibration detect
  • Band pass filter :
  • High-pass filter :1 to 500 Hz
    Low-pass filter :1 to 500 Hz
    (Second-order Butterworth digital filter)
    * However, HPF < LPF
  • Judgment mode :
  • Vib. Val, Envelope, Peak, RMS, Crest, Form
    * Peak, RMS, Crest, and Form are calculated at each half-wave. Due to half-wave processing, a delay of 100mSec occurs in each output, such as judgment. Also, half-wave processing can be performed at 10Hz or more.
  • Hold mode :
  • Sample, Peak, Valley, P-P, Average
  • Comparison judgment :
  • HH Limit, HI Limit, LO Limit, LL Limit
  • Setting selection :
  • 16 patterns (selectable by external input and communication)
Vibration analysis(FFT)
  • FFT Samp. Magnif :
  • 1 times, 2 times, 4 times, 8 times
    * Analyzed frequency unit[Hz]= 1000Hz /(FFT Samp. Magnif.×256)
  • FFT Window :
  • Rectang., Hanning, Hamming, Blackman
  • Analysis mode :
  • Vib. Val, Envelope
  • FFT Average :
  • 1 to16 times (moving average at each frequency)
  • Disp Range :
  • 99.9dBmax
  • FFT Disp Mode:
  • Continuation, Single
Temperature measuring range -10 to 90℃, Accuracy:±1.5℃, Resolution:0.01℃
Recording mediumSD card
Record dataWave data (up to 99.9 seconds; 100 files)
Measurements result data (10 files for each work: 1 file ≒ 5MB, 65530 measurements)
FFT disp data (100 file)
Display3.5-inch STN color LCD (320×240dot)
Indicated valuefour-digit ±9999 
Decimal point0/0.0/0.00/0.000
UnitNone, m/s2, mm/s2, m/s, mm/s, mm, μm, %
Number of display timesFixed at 3 times/sec.
Input unitAnalog type touch panel
External output(9)Comparison result (HH, HI, OK, LO, LL), Hold end (HOLD END), Normal operation (RUN ), Graph plotting end (EVENT), SD card OK (SD CARD)
Open collector output circuit (sink type plus common input equipment connectable)
Rated voltage:DC30V, Rated current 30mA or less, Isolation:Photocoupler
External input(11)Hold control (T/H, SECTION), Graph control (GRAPH TRIG), FFT control (FFT TRIG), Work selection (WORK0 to WORK3), Calibration selection (CAL0, CAL1), Prohibit(LOCK) Voltage input circuit (plus common/minus common shared)
ON voltage:DC12V or more, OFF voltage:DC3V or less
Forward current:Approx. 5mA (at DC24V), Isolation:Photocoupler
RS-232C Communication interface
Power sourceDC24V(±15%)
Power consumption7W typ
Rush current(Typ)2A, 10mSec (Typ: ordinary temperature, at cold-start time)
Operating conditionsOperation temperature 0℃~+40℃/Storage temperature -20℃~+60℃
Humidity 85%RH or less (non-condensing)
Dimensions99.5(W)×96(H)×117.3(D)mm(excluding projected parts)
WeightApprox. 1.0kg
Operation manual×1, Control signal Input/Output connector×1, SD card×1, Acceleration sensor×1, Temperature sensor×1

Pickup system:Shear type piezoelectric, 
Signal output sensitivity:5.0mV/(m/s2) (±10%), 
Resonance frequency:Approx. 24kHz, 
Frequency band:3 to 10000Hz±3dB, 
Insulation resistance:10000MΩ or more, 
Maximum transverse sensitivity:5% or less, 
Maximum operating acceleration:400m/s2, 
Maximum impact resistance:10000m/s2 or more, 
Output impedance:100Ω or less, 
Power supply voltage:DC+5V, 
Operating temperature range:-20 to +60℃, 
DC output voltage:+2.5V±0.3, 
Outer dimensions:17 (Hex)×39.6 (H) mm (not including projections and cable), 
External case material:Stainless steel (SUS304), 
Main body mass: Approx. 48g (not including cable), 
CableLength:10m (White:+5Vdc input line, Black:Acceleration output line, Shield:GND line), 4.3φ 2-core shielded cable (ETFE/soft fluorine resin) 

Attracting force:120N or more (in a vertical direction at ordinary temperature), 
Operating temperature range:-20 to +100℃, 
Mass:Approx. 44g, 
Magnet material:Samarium-cobalt magnet, 
External case material:SUS420J

Nominal zero-power resistance:5kΩ±1%, 
Heat dissipation constant:Approx. 2.6mW/℃, 
Thermal time constant:Approx. 75 sec. (in air), 
Operating temperature range:-50 to +105℃, 
Outer dimensions:6 (W)×5 (H)×15 (D) mm (not including projections and cable), 
Cable length:5m