Bộ hiển thị khối lượng - F160 (Unipulse Việt Nam)

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Bộ hiển thị khối lượng tốc độ trích mẫu cao: F160
Nhà sản xuất: Unipulse - Nhật Bản.

Tài liệu tham khảo: F160 weighing indicator.pdf
* Một giao thức tùy chọn có thể lựa chọn từ CC-link hay BCD output
* Bộ hiển thị cân được phát triển cho cân tự động kiểm tra
* Bộ chuyển đổi A/D tốc độ cao và khả năng xử lý số mạnh mẽ 1000 lần/giây
* Độ phân giải hiển thị cao 1/10000 cho toàn dải đầu vào (Độ phân giải bên trong 1/40000 )
* Độ lệch rất nhỏ 0.1μV/°C (Typ0.08μV/°C)



Excitation voltage10V DC ± 5%, output current within 120mA
Remote sensing (Up to four 350 load cells can be connected in parallel.)
Zero adjustment range0 - approx. 2mV/V
Gain adjustment range0.3 - 2.0V/V
Signal input range0.0 - 2.0V/V
Minimum input sensitivity0.3μV/Count
AccuracyNon-linearity: within 0.01%FS (Typ 0.005%/FS Normal temperature) 
Zero drift: within 0.1μV/ ℃RTI(Typ 0.08μV/℃)
Gain drift: within 15ppm/℃(Typ 5ppm/℃)
Analog filterBessel low-pass filter-12dB/oct, cutoff frequency 2/ 4/ 6/ 8Hz
A/D converterRate:1000times/sec
Setting item●Final / Set point 1 / Set point 2 / Compensation (CPS) / Over / Under / Upper limit / Lower limit / Near zero / Preset tare value 
●Comparison inhibit time / Judging time / Complete output time / Adjust feeding time / Auto zero times / Judging times / Auto free fall compensation coefficient / Average count of auto free fall compensation / Auto free fall compensation regulation  
●Over/Under comparison / Upper/Lower limit comparison / Near zero comparison / Feed/discharge control mode / Preset tare weight / Auto free fall compensation / Complete output mode / Over/Under comparison mode / Upper/Lower limit comparison mode / Net weight sign inversion in discharge weighing 
●Digital filter / Motion detection (period) / Motion detection (range) / Zero tracking (period) / Zero tracking (range) / Analog filter / Filter in a stable condition / Motion detection mode / Option setting(None, BCD, CC-Link) / SI/F G/N selection 
●Balance weight / Capacity / Minimum scale division / Net over / Gross over / Digital zero regulation value / Decimal place / Gravitational acceleration / Calibration value LOCK (SOFT LOCK) / Set value LOCK (SOFT LOCK)  
●Simple comparison / Sequence mode selection / Adjust feeding in sequence mode / Near zero check in sequence mode / Weight value check in sequence mode 
●External control output selection 0 / External control output selection 1 / External control output selection 2 / External control output selection 3 / External control output selection 4 / External control output selection 5 / External control output selection 6 
●External control input selection 0 / External control input selection 1 / External control input selection 2 / External control input selection 3 / External control input selection 4 
●Tare subtraction / Tare reset / Digital zero / Digital zero reset / Sequence start / Sequence stop / Sequence error reset 
●Zero calibration / Actual load calibration / Equivalent input calibration (rated output value) / Password
External output signal (7 points)Each control output is selectable by setting.
Near Zero, SP1, SP2, SP3, Under, Go, Over, Complete, Normally OFF, Lower Limit, Upper Limit, Stable, Weight Alarm, Sequence Error, Final Error, In Operation (RUN), Clock (in an approximately one-second cycles)
Transistor open collector output (sink type)ON when the transistor is ON Vce = 30V (Max), Ic = 50mA (Max)
External Input signal (5 points)Each control input is selectable by setting. Digital Zero Reset, Digital Zero, Tare Subtraction, Tare Reset, HOLD or Judge, Feed/Discharge, Sequence Start, Sequence Stop, No Function
ON when short-circuited with the COM terminal.(Dry contact type)
  • SIF:
  • SI/F 2-wire serial interface (Standard)……This is a simple output serial interface for connection of a UNIPULSE-manufactured printer, external display, etc.
  • BCO:
  • BCD parallel data output interface(Option)……Transmits weight data to a PLC or other BCD devices.
  • CCL:
  • CC-Link interface(Option)……Serial bus interface for connection with PLC
Display unitCharacter height 8mm 7-segment red LED, 6 digits
Measured value5digits: -99999 - +99999
SignMinus sign on most significant digit
Decimal point0, 0.0, 0.00, 0.000 selective
Display frequency25times/sec. (Speed of system 1000 times/sec.)
Power supply voltageDC24V (15%)
Power consumption10W(Max)
Operating conditionsTemperature: Operating temperature range -10℃ to +40℃ Storage temperature range -20℃ to +80℃
Humidity:85%RH or less (non-condensing)
Dimensions67(W)×185(H)×120(D) (mm) (excluding projections)
WeightApprox. 1.2kg
Control signal Input/Output connector1
Jumper cable2
Wall anchor (It attached main body.)2
Operation manual1
Connector for BCD output (with BCD option)1
Connector for CC-Link (with CC-Link option)1


BCOBCD parallel data output interface
CCLCC-Link interface

Optional accessories

CN2057 series 14p connector for external I/O
CN51BCD Output connector
CN71CC-Link connector
CN80Analog I/O connector terminal